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Imagine your otps 



Imagine your otps.

Imagine them at the end of their missions.

Imagine them going on with their lives.

Imagine them creating new traditions for themselves, like breakfast in bed, or sleeping late one day, taking a walk when the weather is nice or curling up by the fire when it snows.

Imagine them having a normal life after everything they’ve been through.

Imagine them happy and safe.

NO! NO! NOOOOOOOOOP (loud, shrill scream, throwing things)

((I feel the feel))

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With your RP partner(s), your guildmate(s), or even acquaintances in random RP/scenes you’ve never met before! You prefer to talk OOC to establish a dialogue, a conversation, and who knows? Maybe even friendship and adventures!

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I’m kind of a paranoid person, so I don’t give out much private information about myself, but I’ll do the best I can!!!

Name: I don’t like sticking my name out in public but the real one is delightfully boring anyway. :p

Nicknames: online and RL I have many, depending on the site.- Like for example, I answer to “Rashy” or “DW” or “Neityva” or “FlygonJinn”. People can feel free to go ahead and make me one.

Birthday: October 16th

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Height: 5’6ish

Time zone: Central Standard Time

What time and date it is there: Sunday, September 14th, 8:10pm

Average hours of sleep I get each night: ha. It changes- 7 on a good night? Dumb insomnia and weird-ass dreams.

OTPs: so, so many like Miego, Rocketshipping (Jessie/James), Finnick/Annie, Squffie (Leon/Yuffie from KH)—list goes on for miles

Last thing I googled: concurrent trademarks (yay law school)

First word that comes to mind: burrito

What I last said to a family member: “Hey, we have pie” (to my brother)

One place that makes me happy and why: Any town or anything on the Gulf of Mexico- I love the smell of the air.

How many blankets do I sleep under: 2 and a quilt. (We have to keep the house a little colder than most for health reasons)

Favorite beverage: Southern-style Sweet Tea

Last movie I watched in the cinema was: The new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Three things I can’t live without: My family, music, and a good book

Something I plan on learning: Maybe how to sing and a boatload of things for the bar exam

A piece of advice for my fellow followers: Don’t always act like people tell you should. Peer pressure is dumb.

You have to listen to this song: Dare You To Move Switchfoot

My blogs: hawtladiesman (OC RP blog) Personal

I tag (I hope those of you tag don’t mind!): belldandy07, vivaciousanima, ixtaek, Linaxtic nanarc, >ppbthh, (Only you, Marina, would have a tumblr name I spell wrong every time :p)and idek, anyone else who wants to do it.

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A Small World // Closed Starter for hawtladiesman 


He ran as if the light was threatening to engulf him.

Not that it actually was. But darkness certainly worked as a security blanket from the authorities. Anyways, that wasn’t the most important thing at the moment.

Tsukasa was missing.

And Camara had no clue where the heck she disappeared off to.

With a bag of medical supplies slung over his shoulders and a stick in his right hand, he dashed down the sidewalk, only to bump into a man with obnoxiously bright red hair. 

"Apologize sir," he said hastily, side-stepping him before moving back in forward of the man. "Sorry again, but…"

"You wouldn’t happen to have seen a woman around here, would you?"

He’d taken his eyes off the sidewalk in front of him for only a moment to glance at the time when he was nearly bowled over by something…or someone moving fast. "Oof!" he manged to keep his footing and looked up to see who had collided with him. "No, it’s ok…I wasn’t looking anyway. Not realizing for a moment how flustered this younger man seemed, he started off joking, “Well, yeah, I’ve seen plenty of—- oh. Someone in particular. Is someone missing?"
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Open Starter / / End of a Dream 


He looked at them, gentle eyes ablaze with sorrow, regret and love eternal. His eyes reflected the first glimpses of early morning as his heart grew heavier. The words he had to say burned from his lips to his soul, but they had to be said.

"Could you do me a favor, please? It’ll be the last thing you have to do for me, I promise."

Reese chuckled; a frail sound that sent ripples of sadness through waters without end. “Take care of them for me. Take care o’ th’ kid. Ryn’s gonna need you once I’m gone, all right?”

"Wh-what? I- you can take care of him….you’re going to be ok and go home right?" His voice shook at the prospect of losing a friend. It couldn’t be happening— it just couldn’t it. Jay told himself that over and over, but even he realized something was wrong— that it might be imminent. Reese was so young— well, older than him—but still. People were supposed to be old when they died, weren’t they? "I can help you….m-maybe?" The other thing was that he didn’t know if he could keep the promise. No one had ever taught him how to deal with someone whose heart was sure to be shattered.

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This means unintentionally made link reblogs, an inability to use icons, and probably slowed response rates.

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Consider this:
Which one of your OCs are most likely to run/walk into a glass door

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Things I Owe Part Eleventy-Five 

Two replies and starter for lunaswritingcafe— soldierish AU with Reese
And bar friendshippiness [my turn? Idek] also with Reese
Band AU thread starter with someone [remember to ask!]

Plot with chroniclesoffireflies— super special kingdom AU 8D
[Prolly not Darren elevator thread by this point]

Reply for serenasterling— Investigation thread

A bajillion or so memes and whatnot collecting dust in the inbox

Whoo here I go.

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